Eye-catching Designs

Eye-catching Designs

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eye-catching designs

A good design should work and perfectly communicate first before anything else. And we at LOR always prioritize giving the message first!

Pretty layouts

A layout is the heart of any design. No matter how skilled you are there are chances that you might find it hard to try to fit the elements onto the page because they just don’t look or feel right. It is therefore extremely important to stick to these layout rules to create the best logo designs. 

The number one rule in the layout is to balance all your elements so that the message is not distorted. You should always place your elements in the center of the page, keeping the margins on all edges. Rotational and reflection symmetry are further variations of the theme and can add interest. Next, you should always remember the rule of third. Use guides to divide your work area into an equal three-by-three grid.

Place your key element where two of the axes meet to have a focal point. It’s then simple to develop the rest of the layout quite effortlessly. Another important rule of layout is unity which states that by using unity you can create a cohesive layout. If your elements are of uniform sizes, aligned to grids, are of equal dimension a viewer will subconsciously create structure and order.

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