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A good design should work and perfectly communicate first before anything else. And we at LOR always prioritize giving the message first!

Layout Design Inspiration

The most inspirational things are often right in front of us and they often inspire us to create a unique and impressive layout.  It might be the opening titles in the recent movie that you saw, typography on a book cover, the design of a square inch, the colors of your favorite music album, etc. Imagine you’re browsing through a bookstore, soaking up covers, getting awe-inspired by their colors, their typefaces, their layouts, little details. The variety is endless, and sometimes your eyes stick onto that masterpiece of art shining through the sheer mass. You just need to keep your eyes open and the best kind of design layout inspiration might indeed lie where you least expect it.

Graphic Design Layout Techniques

There are various techniques to make your design layout appealing. Focal Point and Accent are the most important among them because the emphasis is achieved by position, rhythm, typeface weights, and styles. The secondary emphasis points are called accents and help in framing the layout correctly. Another technique that can make your layout stand out is positive and negative shapes. In a successful positive/negative shape relationship negative shapes are interdependent, filling the whole space in the eyes of the viewer. Further, you should also take care of the grid as it is a modular compositional structure made up of verticals and horizontals that segregates the format into columns. A grid gives a layout a unified look.

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