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Why Video Invitations Are Interesting?

Gitex Invitation 2017The process of creating invitations and traveling from place to place to distribute them, among other things, can be exhausting.

Gitex Invitation 2017Going paperless is the ideal method to save a lot of time, simplify the process, and make it more engaging. Yes, with the aid of a video invitation creator, you can make the process of inviting people to your big day enjoyable and exciting in the age of smartphones.

Gitex Invitation 2017Video invitations are not only exceptionally eco-friendly, but they also enable you to make greater use of the time you spent planning your wedding, which you can then spend more effectively elsewhere. Amazing, isn’t it? Let’s examine the following reasons why video invitations are intriguing.

  1. It has no negative environmental effects.

It is our duty as humans to make some sort of contribution to the protection of the natural environment. We are saving trees by giving the environment a small present in the form of a wedding video invitation because there is no paper waste because everything in a video is done online. When you mix protecting the environment with stylishness, you can’t go wrong.

  1. A lifetime invitation with legitimate standing.

The memories depicted in the video invitations you select to send out will last a lifetime. Paper invitations are more likely to disappear after some time, while video invitations may be easily stored in storage, and can boast to others about how wonderful their invitation was!

  1. Generates attention on social media.

Since everyone has the ability to be a social media influencer, even if they aren’t aware of it, a wedding is the ideal setting to demonstrate your clandestine online presence. A wedding video invitation that has been professionally prepared with Online Invitation Maker can serve as an excellent beginning point for creating a buzz on social media for the most important occasion of your life.

  1. May cause you to go viral.

The usage of video invites may help to improve the effectiveness of your invitation efforts. Because they are capable of doing so and because they have the potential to become one of the most efficient means of word-of-mouth invitation.

If the visitor finds the video content you’ve supplied to be interesting and of great quality, they may be persuaded to share it to their friends and family in order to persuade them to attend your party or ceremony. The impact your video has on the invited guests directly correlates to how interesting the subject matter of your film is.

  1. Improves organization.

Each guest’s wedding invitation video can be sent via WhatsApp without running the danger of breaking. You can stay organized and avoid making a mistake at the last minute thanks to these invitations. If you have a tendency to forget things, you will find this online tool to be of great assistance. Sending digital wedding invites, as opposed to paper ones, enables you to keep track of all the information about your wedding in one place for convenience.

For instance, it would be simpler for you to keep track of who has answered to your invitation and who has not if you create an RSVP group on WhatsApp. Additionally, it is possible to quickly inform all of your guests of any changes to the date, venue, or time of your wedding.

What is animation?

Gitex Invitation 2017The literal translation of “multimedia” is “various ways of portraying the data.” Animation is a subset of these multiple formats or one of them, even if the term “multimedia” refers to a range of formats.

Gitex Invitation 2017The term “animation” refers to a wide range of various moving graphic video formats. Animation is characterized by multiple frames and visuals emerging in series to produce a moving video, from to, and everything in between.

Gitex Invitation 2017Without even realizing it, you’ve probably seen a lot of animations. From children’s cartoons to educational videos and commercials, animations are everywhere. For good reason too—they’re enjoyable, captivating, striking, and memorable! View a sample of different animations made by our creative team.

Gitex Invitation 2017Animation is a medium where photos or objects are transformed so they appear to be moving. As simple as that.

Gitex Invitation 2017