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Trending Colors: The Importance of Color

Trending Colors
Trending Colors By Julia Fernandez Source:

Trending Colors: The Importance of Color

In 2020, we craved comfort and stability in the face of uncertainty. Now, as we enter this hopeful new frontier, we’re also seeking joy and adventure (even if it’s still just from the comfort of our own home!) This will be reflected in the top color trends of 2021.

Joining a palette of earthy, grounding hues, we’re going to see fresh new takes on primary colors like green, blue, and orange. From cerulean blue and ash green to burnt coral, it’s all about embracing the unexpected. Here are the biggest color trends and top color combinations for 2021, as predicted by leading color experts and paint companies.

Importance of Color In Graphic Design

While line, shape, and texture are all fundamental elements of graphic design, the color really is king when it comes to conveying emotion and mood. The color theory might simplify the rules of color to a degree, but when used in the right context, there’s no denying that color can impact the way that we think, feel, and behave.

For those working in branding, the role of color as a brand code cannot be matched. When you think of ‘French-fry Gold’, you immediately see those golden arches, while Matel’s ‘Barbie Pink’ has become synonymous with childhood. Color can convey more than words, and whether employed for user experience or marketing, it holds a place in every designer’s toolkit.

Trending Colors
Trending Colors: Pantone Year 2021

The purpose of color

Colors inform how the viewer should start to feel. So from a branding perspective, they should represent the purpose and personality of a product or brand. For example, the color blue is perceived as reliable and trustworthy, making it a popular choice for corporate businesses. Green often points to wholesomeness and nature, so it’s often adopted by wellness brands. And red symbolizes prosperity and power in certain cultures. So what we learn here, is that used strategically, color can effectively position a brand in the minds of its customers.

The emotional impact of colors can also be used to a brand’s advantage. Red and orange shades make us feel hungry, which is why they abound in the food industry. Blues and neutral colors have a calming effect, while yellow can be energizing. If you want to make your audience feel a certain way, the right color or color combination can make your intention known.