Customer Engagement – Create great audience experiences!

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement – Create great audience experiences!

Customer Engagement
Events Materials Designs
Customer Engagement

The designs that are used at all event materials can encourage the best overall response from your target audience. You want your event graphics design to be creative and eye-catching and you want them to stand apart from the competition. Create great audience experiences & start with a warm welcome! Make your events spaces stand out & Lor Team can help you with all your events tools design perfectly!

What is event branding?

Event branding is a unique look and feels for your event. It is separate from your organization’s brand. Elements from your event branding should definitely be cohesive with your business brand, but the event graphics should have a look of their own. Event branding starts with designing a custom event logo or wordmark and then carries through to all of the other visual elements.

What do I need for my event graphics?

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement

Events, no matter the size, require many graphic design elements.

Here is a checklist of design materials that your event will likely need.

  • Custom event logo
  • Website
  • Invitation
  • Letterhead
  • Print ads
  • Digital ads and graphics
  • Social media artwork
  • Programs
  • Signage
  • Display
  • Event app
  • & more

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