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The University of Jazeera UoJ is structured academically in four colleges: (1) College of Law and Economics (2) College of Business Administration (3) College of Mass Communication and Media Sciences and (4) College of Information Technology and Design. One of the main objectives of the University of Jazeera is to diversify. Diversification at UoJ does not mean only continuously adding new programs, but also introducing new unique programs. At the undergraduate level, a large number of new programs are being introduced: an MBA and 3 new programs in Business Administration, two programs in physiology and sociology, a master’s in Islamic Economics, three programs in Engineering, and a master’s in Media and Communication. The University of Jazeera prepares its graduates to be proficient in the English and Arabic languages and in the use of computing technology. They should be skilled in critical thinking and analysis, knowledgeable about their own culture and history, and global in their understanding and perspective. They should be well-prepared to become leaders in government, businesses, and civil society.

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University of Jazeera UoJ
31 May, 2016