Green Mater’s Garden
Project Description

project 06Green Master’s Garden believes in the philosophy that concentrates on the quality of outdoor spaces that directly influence our lives. State and sustainability are key esteem of our processes and designs. We are enthusiastic, driven, and unwilling to compromise on quality and modality. Green Master’s Garden is totally supported by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development. Green Master’s Garden through employing an expert team of landscape architects, horticulturists, irrigation engineers, and skilled workers, aims to bring exceptionally designed and built outdoor areas. Offering a quality landscaped garden, outdoor area, combinations of hard landscaped outdoor seating areas, water features, swimming pools, plant areas, following with the contemporary design elements. Green Master’s Garden commitment is to provide cutting edge design and expert installation of quality gardens to assure clients exceptional satisfaction. The aim is also to provide, through a number of retail outlets that provide high-quality plants, landscape, and irrigation products at an affordable price to the customers of the UAE, including unique products that have sustainable offerings. Sustainability and the use of “green” products are at the core of Green Master’s Garden philosophy.

Project Details
Green Master's Garden
12 July, 2015